Fine Antique Japanese

Age > Unknown

  • Finely Carved Antique Wooden Japanese Netsuke Mask Okame (otafuku) Mennetsuke
  • Antique, Japanese, Fine Art, Wooden, Netsuke, Gigaku Mask Mennetsuke
  • Antique Japanese Nambu Bronze Plate Fine Casting 5 8.6 Oz Stamped
  • Antique Japanese Shakudo Kashira Sword Ring Flower Cricket  Ring, Size 6
  • Japanese Painting Hanging Scroll 66.9 Lotus Antique Bird Fine Art Japan B175
  • Fine Antique Signed Japanese Satsuma Vase With Immortals Lamp
  • Japanese Satsuma Fine Porcelain Vase Moriage/gold Gilt 14
  • Fine 19th Century Meiji Period Japanese Calligraphy Scroll 5 Characters
  • Fine Japanese Hand Painting Royal Court Scene Signed
  • Fine Japanese Hand Painting Of Japanese Snow Monkeys Signed Chop Stamp
  • Vintage Small Japanese Fine Satsuma China Vasehand Painted
  • Fine 19th 20th Century Japanese Zen Style Hand Painting Of Plant Scroll Signed
  • Very Fine Large Japanese Hand Painting Samurai And A Whale On Paper
  • Fine Vintage Natural Wood Pedestal For Small Vase Statue Pot Bonsai Japanese Art
  • Fine Japanese 1819th Century Zen Style Sumi Hand Painting Cricket & Lamp Scroll
  • Fine Antique Wooden Japanese Sumo Wrestler Rikishi Netsuke Okimono Signed
  • Wwii Very Fine & Rare Japanese Diplomat's Short Sword
  • Fine Antique, Japanese/japan Wooden Okimono Sagemono Angry God Withabalone Shell