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  • Fine Signed Japanese Oriental Monkey Snake Tail Netsuke With Beady Eyes
  • A Fine Edo Period Boxwood Netsuke Depicting A South Sea Islander
  • A Fine Edo Period Boxwood Netsuke Of Ashinaga & Tenaga Signed Tomomasa
  • Japanese Large Inro. Fine Laquer, Blossom And Bamboo, Splendid Design
  • Fine Quality Antique Japanese Netsuke Signed
  • Finely Carved Wood Japanese Netsuke Of A Toad / Frog Signed To Base
  • Finely Carved Wood Japanese Netsuke Of A Frog On A Leaf
  • Meiji Netsuke Depicting A Starving Dog Protecting Her Puppy Museum Quality Fine
  • Edo Period Fine Carved Wooden Negoro Lacquer Netsuke Unsigned
  • Edo Period C18th Fine Netsuke Depicting A Monkey Trainer Superb Carving
  • Meiji Period C19th Fine Netsuke Depicting A Hunchbacked Man Seated
  • Meiji Period Fine Carved Wooden Netsuke Of An Imperial Fan Dancer Lacquered
  • Handwork Old Fine Boxwood Collectible Japanese Netsuke Panthera Pardus Statue
  • Meiji Period Japanese Fine Carved Boxwood Netsuke Of A Yawning Man Reading
  • Fine Japanese Grimacing Face Wood Netsuke Signed Masamitsu 19th Century
  • Fine Antique Japanese Meiji Wooden Okimono Of A Tiger Signed
  • Fine Japanese Carpenter's Plane Wood Netsuke Signed Tomochika 19th Century
  • Fine Japanese Chestnut Tree Seed Wood Netsuke Signed Meiji Period